Poll: Is Google Android starting to really shine now?

Google’s Android operating system is apparently beginning to look like a serious competitor to other mobile phones such as the iPhone, and basically Android has never been the issue it’s the mobile phones that run it reports the Telegraph.

The very first Android packing handset was the T-Mobile G1, some say it was an ugly duckling next to the iPhone, however I have a G1 and I like it as it does exactly what I want it to do.

Android is spreading, HTC is using it, Samsung with their Galaxy, and Motorola is turning to Android as well which is rumoured to position itself as a Nokia or BlackBerry alternative. Android is filtering through onto many handsets and may just be one of the biggest operating systems to hit the mobile world.

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One thought on “Poll: Is Google Android starting to really shine now?”

  1. Mike says:

    Yes, of course it is. We’re now getting apps at the same time as iPhone users. That says a lot to me.

    Fortunately for us Android users, we can use Spotify as well as browse the web, and send a text, and do our emails, and play a game…

    iPhone 4 to take many Android ideas.

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