Reviews: Why has Spotify got poor scoring?

We have all waited for months listening to lots of speculation about the Spotify App and now it is finally here.

The Spotify App has eventually hit the iPhone store and Android Marketplace. Although it seems not everybody is entirely happy with it. It’s only been available for approx 24 hours and in that short space of time there has been a huge amount of negativity. Over 400 customers have given the software a rate of just 5 stars.

In the face of over 1000 1 star reviews the average has plummeted down to 2 out of 5.
The main complaint from customers thankfully isn’t a bug or failure to work but general annoyance of not being able to actually access the app without having to cough up the £9.99 per month subscription fee. One comment from a critic sums it up really, ’you shouldn’t rate an Aston Martin as one star because you couldn’t afford to drive it’. Source – t3.com


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