AT&T Unveil New Plans: 3G network to 7.2 HSPA Upgrade

Plans to upgrade their 3G network to 7.2 HSPA in various markets across the US by the end of the year have been unveiled by AT&T.

Cities that have the luck on their side are Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles and Miami, don’t worry if you don’t live in any of those cities the upgrade to HSPA 7.2 will happen but will take a little longer.

AT&T are planning to have 25% of the nations 30 biggest markets upgraded by the end of 2010, according to John Stankey, president and CEO of AT&T operations. The upgrade is intended to enable customers to continue to ride the leading edge of emerging devices and thousands of mobile applications. Maybe we will start to see apps such as SlingPlayer Mobile getting rid of their Wi-Fi only chains as these upgrades take place. Source theiphoneblog.com

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