Palm Pre Accepts 3rd Party Google Voice App, plus ten new apps

When it comes to thinking differently with regards to its app approval we can always rely on Palm

Taking a pretty nice stance on applications that deviate from current standards they are used to palm have done it again, releasing today 10 new titles available for download.

A Google Voice app is just one of them, also a gDial Pro which is a piece of software which started out as a homebrew application but now its an official part of the Beta store. It allows users to access Google Voice’s full feature set which includes a dialer. Lets just hope that Palm keep up with the current flow of new software to the Catalog. Source – engadgetmobile.com


One thought on “Palm Pre Accepts 3rd Party Google Voice App, plus ten new apps”

  1. So, I’m “thinking” of buying a Palm Pre but am concerned that the applications will not be as numerous as the ones on the iPhone. In fact, I’m having a difficult time even finding a LIST of what’s available on the Pre. Does anyone know? Do you think there’s ANY chance that the iPhone will be released from AT&T and allowed to go onto other networks? I’m sort of tied in to Sprint (ugh) and want all the features of the iPhone but don’t want to pay the ridiculous price for AT&T’s data plan. (I get a BIG discount with Sprint because of where I work)
    Decisions decisions. Help!

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