Free Giveaway: Motorola Cliq and Yubz Magnum Speaker Giveaway

We all get a little on edge and maybe even a little jumpy when Apple has an announcement.

A lot of announcements this week with Yubz The Signal, Motorola’s Cliq, and Yubz Magnum Speaker GiveawayPalm HTC and Motorola all announcing new handsets, not really unsurprisingly close to the Apple’s iPod event.

Motorola’s about to make a huge splash in the Android pool with the Motorola Cliq. A Yubz Magnum is being given away, which is a portable stereo Bluetooth speaker for whatever smartphone you happen to have, it usually retails at $109.95, U.S customers can leave a comment or tweet to be in with a chance of winning one of these. Simply visit intomobile.com to find out more.


One thought on “Free Giveaway: Motorola Cliq and Yubz Magnum Speaker Giveaway”

  1. coolfx35 says:

    Im from the Netherlands and still waiting for the launch of the Motorola Cliq. It will probably be available in a fourtnight. However the Dutch version will be white. But I think the Samsung will be the most appealing Android phone up till now (Amoled display, battery, etc).

    I’m a webdesigner and love internet and it’s possibilities. And Android/Google will make the future different. Hopefully it will be a better place, but surely it will be fun.

    Hope to receive my Galaxy soon. Then I will post my experiences on http://www.Motorola-Cliq.com Also hope to learn a lot here of the Samsung and Android.

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