Poll: Should India ban Chinese network infrastructure products?

Its been made apparent that the Indian government is considering a ban on telecoms equipment from Chinese suppliers.

The DOT (department of telecoms) have proposed to impose the ban in 20 of the country’s 22 circles. This is apparently very sensitive due to the proximity to the international borders, it is possible that this will be reduced to 14 circles.

The network operators are not surprisingly apposed to the ban and have very strong objections , as this would mean they would have to use more expensive equipment from either Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola or Siemens Networks. There is apparently an alternative which would require all network suppliers to get a security clearance every two years from the Ministry of Home Affairs. Source – intomobile.com

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One thought on “Poll: Should India ban Chinese network infrastructure products?”

  1. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Given their 1962 invasion, their provision of nukes to Pakistan, their refusal to declare Jaish-e-Muhammad and Jamaat-ud-Dawa as terrorist groups (for their all-weather friend Pakistan), their recent incursions into AP, their hacking into India’s security systems, and their scathing articles in the “Peoples” Daily it is clear that the Chinese can never be trusted by us and that they will undermine the very roots of our existence as a people if given the chance. They are a militaristic menace and should have all products banned for the sake of our economic and national security, especially anything related to anything strategic.

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