Sprint HTC Hero outshines Palm Pre

Sprint has announced the launch of the HTC Hero for October the 11th commanding a subsidised price of $180 and will be Sprint’s first Android platform smartphone after signing on as an initial Google platform supporter some 2 year ago reports ethioplanet.

The HTC Hero’s price tag undercuts the price of the Palm Pre and delivers features such as a large touch screen, 5 megapixel camera, CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Rev. A and WiFi, not too sure if the Hero undercuts the Pre considering we wrote about the price not so long ago (Please read)

Sprint compares the feature set of the HTC Hero with that of the iPhone 3GS, Verizon BlackBerry Storm and T-Mobile myTouch 3G, and the HTC Hero does well in comparison, but when compared with the palm pre the HTC Hero outshines as it has access to more than 8000 Android apps and larger memory.


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  1. curious says:

    Curious that this was published 9/14, which is almost a week after the price of the Pre was dropped from $199 to $149, yet this is not reflected in the article.

    Let the side-by-side comparison speak for itself, but please check the related facts before going live.

  2. Jason says:

    lol this is the worst comparison ever? the hero only has a better camera with no physical keyboard and im not bagging on htc they did a GREAT job,

    but the pre is something else, other then flash on the hero the pre will smoke the hero in future updates,

    so far hero has the advantage with “flash” which is coming to the pre oct-dec

    but when it comes to apps, the pre has about 20,000 more once you add the application “classic”

    pre also has a homebrew virtual keyboard although unofficial still proves that developers are working on this and that it will be coming.

    last but not least, the pres gpu isn’t even enabled it doesn’t have any drivers. wait for the gpu (graphics procesor unit aka video card) then lets see if these phones are comparible. 16million color screen vs the heros 60,000, or w/e… i pick the pre anyday

    good job htc though the phone does look sexy i hope it holds better then my touch pro did 😀

  3. NeCe says:

    I Had The Palm Pre For A Week And Traded It In For The HTC Hero And Sense I Have Had Both Phones I Have 2 Say The HTC Hero Is Waaaayy Better Not Because It Have More Apps But It’s Just A Better Phone All In One….And I Love It 😉

  4. abcesy says:

    Got my HTC Hero yesterday at Best Buy and didnt even Pre order it. I traded in my Instinct HD for it. So at my best buy I was the first HD sold, first one returned then the first Hero out the door.

    Its my first android phone and it blows the instinct out of the water in basically everything except for the camera, but I’m not buying a phone as my primary camera anyways.

    There is no lag, it just transitions so smoothly, downloading apps is a breeze, setting up the phone is super easy and I’m not to tech savy.

    The only I have to say is the keyboard is smaller on the Hero than the HD, but I like the feedback and word prompts on the hero, so in time I will adjust quickly. Also BB was not able to transfer my contacts over for some reason so I had to do it manually. I also like that you can link your facebook friends profiles to their contact. My wifes pre does this but its an all or nothing or at least thats the only way we could do it. This one you can take each friend and link it only if you want.

    Overall I am very happy with the phone and looking forward to learning alot more about it.

    Oh one more thing I did not get a Micro SD card adapter with mine. Did anyone else? Share your thoughts at http://www.HTC-Hero.com a dedicated site for HTC Hero. Take Care!

  5. Nicci says:

    The HTC is better than the Pre. The HTC has a 5.0 camera w/self timer, camcorder, more apps, Data Download Speed – 3G/ EVDO Rev. A/ 1XRTT, Up To 2Mbps Upload, 7.2Mbps Download, Built-In Memory – 512MB Built-in; 2GB microSD Memory Card Pre-installed, Streaming Multimedia Support – Yes, Supports Streaming Media Like YouTube and Recording Video To Web In Real-time, Amazing 7 Customizable Home Screens For Each HTC Scene Saved, and so much more…and it has 262,000 colors not 60,000 (jason). I am not sure why Jason got his stats from but they are wrong..

    The Pre is over overrated, but it cost 30.00 less than the Hero..I purchased the Pre and before I left the store I \”exchanged\” it for the Hero.

  6. mada says:

    I have both and have switched back and forth between the two. My primary reason for switching back and forth, they both have qualities that totally suck. However, the Pre as a phone, locks on to a signal and just stays with it even while driving. No drops, no static, very impressive as a phone. The Hero is choppy even stationary.

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