Poll: Do music legends U2 really like BlackBerry?

However, it seems that U2 are not really that bothered about returning the emotions to BlackBerry.

It does seem to be a rather strange and odd pairing of two corporate bands. It actually makes less sense that originally thought.
To start with it’s a grand investment, to be the title and only sponsor for a huge worldwide or even national tour.

We would guess that RIM would have had to pay something in the region of a minimum of $7M up to a maximum of $15m. But what is really strange is how RIM seemed to be so disconnected from the event. Why would this be done there wasn’t even a banner or sign of BlackBerry on the main screen or on the stage. There was a little booth that showed a small BlackBerry logo but to be honest I think those queuing thought it was a hot dog stand. Source – boygeniusreport.com

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