iPhone jailbreak 3.1: Release may not work on all devices

The iPhone Dev Team have already released a Pwnage tool to jailbreak iPhone OS 3.1, but the thing is the jailbreak may not work on all iPhone handsets.

According to iphone world, the current Pwnage tool will only jailbreak the original iPhone, iPhone 3G and the original iPod Touch and cannot jailbreak the 2nd gen iPod touch, 3rd gen iPod Touch and the iPhone 3GS

Currently a Mac is required to run the Pwnage tool although a Windows version is in the making and expected soon, and if you haven’t already upgraded to iPhone 3.1 it may be prudent to wait as there have been reports of the upgrade working poorly.


2 thoughts on “iPhone jailbreak 3.1: Release may not work on all devices”

  1. Jenny says:

    So, I do have windows and when I found a way to jailbreak my 3.1 it worked great for the first day or so, now, well thats a different story. It’s crashed and I am now in the process of downgrading back to 3.0 with the jailbreak. I was soooo excited at first and now just kind of heart broken. :(!

  2. Mike says:

    Hey, accidently updated my T-mobile iPhone with Apple’s official 3.1 update. Didn’t work anymore. Tried to jailbreak and it wouldn’t work with 3.1 firmware. Went back to official 3.0 firmware and then updated to the jailbreak 3.1 and it worked BUT my phone constantly says it’s “Searching…” instead of showing T-mobile in the top left corner of the phone. Even when I put the ATT sim back in, still says searching. ANY help would be amazing!!!

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