Poll: Is your Apple iPhone useless after 3.1 update?

If you own an iPhone and have upgraded to iPhone 3.1 you just may be experiencing a few problems like Tom Gromak of the Detroit News, who says his iPhone has become unreliable and virtually useless.

Furthermore it would appear Tom isn’t alone with that problem either as he found a 30 page thread on Apple’s message board which iPhoners refers to as iPhone “coma mode,” due to the iPhone’s going to “sleep,” and not waking up.

Normal circumstance dictate the iPhone blanks after a short time of non-use and pushing the home button is supposed to wake the iPhone, but apparently for many that hasn’t worked since updating to iPhone 3.1. For the full report hit up the link.

So do any of our iPhone toting readers have the same “coma mode” problems after updating to iPhone 3.1? Please answer using out voting system and please do post all your comments.

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26 thoughts on “Poll: Is your Apple iPhone useless after 3.1 update?”

  1. Susan Bell says:

    After updating to 3.1 my iPhone will no longer sync with my Outlook – the process just hangs and I am no longer able to use my iPhone for my job.

    This is ridiculous –

  2. James Benfer says:

    I did the update (iPhone 3g) last week and was immediately in the “recovery loop” some people have discussed. Agonized for a day trying to get it to “recover” with all the standard USB connection errors and support tips from Appple that were totally useless, before I gave up and went back to the 3.01. Found a copy of 3.01 update on the web and dwonloaded it and forced my phone to “downgrade” the software back to 3.01. (“Press Shift then restore telling iTunes what folder the download is in) All is will now but will not trust Apple again. I’ll wait weeks after any update release date before I try another cup of Apple’s poison.

  3. George says:

    My 3Gs if fairly new – 29 June. I updated to 3.1 same day I had notice. It really mixed up Navigon GPS, but then they issued an update which fixed those issues.
    I’ve had no issues since. Generally, I have installed Apple no charge updates shortly after they are available, in all computers I have owned since 1990, w/o a problem.

  4. Mine has been working just fine for the last week. Me and my wife both have ours updated. Hers crashed during the upgrade process and we had to recover from back up but all is well. ours are not jailbroken. we are both using macbook whites with snow leopard

  5. Chris says:

    The Mail on my iPhone systematically crashes: I can open Mail, it connects to server, downloads new mail then closes up immediately before I can read it…also Mail can’t delete emails. I’ve tried everything: restoring from backup, restoring as new iPhone, no change… have contacted Rogers (iPhone handler in Canada), Shaw (eMail portal-server) and Apple. No one is claiming responsibility and all point to the other guy. So I’m left without mail until Apple sorts this out. A compatibility issue? anyone else have this problem….it started 3 weeks after I downloaded the new itunes with 3.1

  6. Josh says:

    My 3GS has been solid up until 3.1 update, whereupon it has begun failing to maintain a data connection. All apps and features using the data connection (text, internet, email) become unusable until I reset the phone. This will reoccur within a couple of hours.

  7. Scott says:

    My phone has just started to have problems as well. The “Coma Mode” happened on Friday. I am glad to know that its not just mine. Battery Life is horrible now also.

  8. I’ve just had an iPhone replaced because of the result of the Coma Mode with the OS3.1 but I can’t restore the backup from iTunes to the iPhone because the new one is on 3.01 and iTunes states it needs to be upgraded 🙁

    Here’s hoping the new one doesn’t end up going into Coma mode too!

  9. Hagop says:

    I agree with all the problems. I decided to update mine on Sept 20. Noticed the GPS issues and the incoming/outgoing calls going into coma. When I plugged my iPhone back into iTunes today I noticed there is a carrier update, quick update no backup required. They came up with the update yesterday. I think it will fix all of your issues. I updated this morning and haven’t had a problem ever since then.

  10. AT&T customer says:

    I wonder if AT&T asked Apple to release a buggy update that is required for Americans to use for the new MMS ability – since only 23% of iPhone users have updated to the buggy 3.1 software, that means AT&T can claim their crappy network was not overloaded by the MMS feature!

  11. iPhone Lover says:

    I updated my iPhone on 9/25/09 and I still dnt have the camera icon next to my texting space. I restarted my phone, kept turning it off and nothing happened. Can someone plz tell me what’s going on? I want to experience the effect of sending picture Txt. Thanks in advance!!

  12. Matt new 3GS customer says:

    Purchased 3GS new 9/5/2009. Phone worked great for first two weeks. I’m not sure what software level it came with, but when I did an “Update” on itunes approx one week ago the “coma” mode happens approx every two hours. Problem goes away temporarily when I reset network connection, turn phone off/on, switch between 2G and 3G network. Also did a full RESET on iTumes per direction of AT&T Tech support. Nothing works for more than 2-4 hrs then coma returns. Phone shows 5 bars (good signal). Called AT&T store of original purchse today 9/29. They stated that hundreds of customers are calling complaining of the same problem. They said sw version 3.1 is the problem. They said AT&T can not fix, only Apple can fix. They stated, Apple is “On top of it” and will have fix soon. Only known permanent fix it to go to an Apple store and have sw version 3.0 installed and ofcourse not to do an update on itunes until permanent fix is available (v3.3?).

  13. Ric says:

    My 3GS “reliably” looses phone (voice/data/text) virtually every day after 3.1 update. I’m trying the suggestion from the Apple forums to turn off 3G and that seems to help (but it’s not what I’m paying $70/month for).

  14. Fraser says:

    I have just run the update and stepped out the house. Went to my fab app to check what the tunes were doing – won’t start, none of my paid apps work since the update, this week is crap apple week as I updated to snow leper which killed my wireless connectivity. Will mac take the Microsoft crown now they are getting critical mass?

  15. Cory says:

    Phone was great until 3.1. Now it loses its network ability and won’t recharge. The phone appears to be functional until you try to access an on-line application. It also won’t receive any calls and the battery charge will just disappear. A hard reset will fix the problem for a day or so.

  16. Shandra says:

    The first issue I really noticed was the day last week, quite a few days after I updated to 3.2, that I couldn’t open any of my non-native apps. If you touched an app, it would briefly open and then close again. Luckily, the easiest fix I read about, to download a new app from the app store, install, and then run it, worked. All my apps have been fine since then. Just in the last few days, I’ve noticed that my phone loses connection with the 3g network, even though it has multiple bars. A text fails to send, then I can’t make any phone calls, and I have to reboot. It might have happened sporadically and I just didn’t put it together, but now it has started happening every afternoon, almost like clockwork… Soooo annoying!!! I refuse to turn off the 3g – 3g is why I skipped the first iPhone generation, and I do not want to go without it. I hope Apple gets this fixed very soon!!

  17. Richard says:

    Finally updated my 3gs and instantly had the same issue as Shandra (non native apps opening for a sec then closing) -however after un-installing one (ie facebook) and then re-installing all the other apps now seem to be ok. -Thanks for the feed Shandra.
    I had no issue on my 16gb 3G iphone a couple of weeks ago – actually seemed to make the phone work that much better.

  18. paolo says:

    I have the 3.1.3 iphone 3G but the problems continue….I don`t know why but it some weeks that the phone crash often and restart….probably using data….the battery life is shorter!!!..it`s impossible to use…do you know if some apps can have problems fring,skype qik? thanks a lot Paolo from Italy

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