What can the BlackBerry Storm 3 bring to the table?

The original BlackBerry Storm brought the BlackBerry user the first clickable touch screen; the BlackBerry Storm 2 improves much on the original BlackBerry Storm, but what can we expect from the BlackBerry Storm 3?

Have Research In Motion reached the limits of BlackBerry Storm technology with the BlackBerry Storm 2 or can they come up with something new to wow prospective BlackBerry smartphone wannabees?

Maybe RIM could get a BlackBerry Storm 3 to act more like an iPhone, or maybe a new form factor, perhaps we will see some kind of new tech we haven’t seen before. So the question is…what can the BlackBerry Storm 3 bring to the table? Any ideas readers?


5 thoughts on “What can the BlackBerry Storm 3 bring to the table?”

  1. dntbstpd1 says:

    I think this is the most ridiculous article have read. The Storm 2 isn’t out, and we’re already trying to discuss the Storm 3? How bout we see how the Storm 2 reacts on the market, and determine whats actually wrong with it first before we start looking forward to some imaginary phone we don’t even know will exist. Seriously?! Really?!

  2. well i would like it the storm 3 to be a little thinner & a small lightweight battery, also to hold up to about 20 to 25 apps( more memory ) cause the iPHONE can hold probably more apps. Wi-Fi to it as well & make sure that it is a stronger signal when it is around high volume areas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. kam says:

    ok now the storm2 is out…i’m ready for the storm3…the storm2 was just an update to the storm1 and looks almost the same…how about still more memory and a sleek look…thin is in…a faster OS with more colors on the home screen instead of black and white…thats dull…yes we can download themes but sometimes the themes make your device run slower…if we can get some of that htc pop up emails would be great. and a faster flick screen and better web browsing with flash.

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