Keith Cowan of Sprint hits out at AT&T Network

At the 4G World Conference in Chicago, Keith Cowan, Sprint’s president of corporate initiatives and CDMA took a couple of shots at AT&T and uses them as a “poster child” for 3G networks which can’t keep up with increasing data demands reports pcworld.

Cowan, cited Comscore’s view that mobile broadband usage has increased some 71% during January 08 to January 09 and furthermore cited another report stating social networking on mobile phones will increase to 730 million by the year 2013 as opposed to 54 million in 08.

Then during his keynote, Cowan said that it is also clear 3G can’t do it, as AT&T is quickly learning; referring to claims that AT&T’s 3G service for the iPhone is slow and unreliable. And says it does not matter to consumers if they [AT&T] have the coolest devices if the network is so jammed packed it’s virtually useless.

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