Samsung Omnia Millionaire Pack II: Price and details

Great news for all you Samsung fans out there as we have some details about the Omnia II.

Just as they did with the original Omnia, the Omnia II also comes with its own Millionaire pack. Recently launched in the Netherlands the Millionaire Pack II however, this is not about bling just to appeal to all the over rich out there.

It also comes with a 16GB Omnia II (i8000) unit and some other luxurious goodies like a lovely leather case, voucher of the Millionaire magazine and also a chance to win exclusive prizes. The Omnia Millionaire Pack II retails for 649 euros ($957). For more information please visit samsunghub.com


One thought on “Samsung Omnia Millionaire Pack II: Price and details”

  1. Renny says:

    I took a look inside the Omnia II Millionaire pack in one store and found that it contained the 8Gb version plus an 8Gb microSD card. Admittedly the total memory in the pack is 16Gb but I was led to believe the internal memory of the unit should be 16Gb. Or is the store trying to fool me?

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