Asus VideoPhone Touch AiGuru SV1T VoIP phone is launched

A new video-phone has just been launched by laptop maker Asus, and is known as the Asus VideoPhone Touch AiGuru SV1T, and is a Skype certified touch screen handset for making video calls via the internet reports an article on pocket-lint.

The Asus AiGuru SV1T enables the user to make unlimited video calls via Skype to other Skype users without the necessity of a computer, and landline calls can also be accessed if the user has enough Skype credit.

Spec wise the AiGuru SV1T is obviously VoIP with a 7 inch touch screen and icon style interface with built in web cam, micrphone, speaker, WiFi and an Ethernet connection along with a mini-jack. Currently there is no word on availability or pricing for the AiGuru SV1T, but once we hear we’ll pass it along

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