Verizon VX8575 Chocolate Touch has been deemed ugly

The Verizon VX8575 has been taking a right bashing some even describing it as ‘ugly’.

Sadly we have some very bad news for all of you that saw the rather lovely looking pictures and videos that have been floating around of the luscious slim BL40 Chocolate Touch, and since holding our breath after a blurry image appeared a few weeks ago showing a somewhat different Touch.

Apparently according to Phone Arena news a Verizon group decided that the BL40 was not nice at all, and so the unfortunate looking and asymmetrical VX8575 has been blessed for domestic release as none other than ‘Chocolate Touch’. It looks like a pretty standard featurephone. Still no word though on when the BL40 will being showing up in Verizon stores. Source – engadgetmobile.com

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