ArcSoft PowerMobia Mobile TV app for Android and Windows Mobile

ArcSoft has announced their Mobile TV solution PowerMobia Mobile Broadcast TV which will be demonstrated at the 6th annual Samsung Mobile Solutions Forum at the Westin Taipei Hotel on the 22nd of September reports ajax.sys-con.

The PowerMobia Mobile Broadcast TV app is available on the Windows Mobile platform and the Google Android platform to OEM manufacturers and supports all 5 major digital broadcast TV standards across the globe including T-DMB/DAB, One Segment, CMMB, DVB-T and DVB-H.

The solution features full software stack like video and audio codex, tuning and scanning, integration with conditional access solutions, and ESG/EPG, and advanced TV functions like time-shift playback.


One thought on “ArcSoft PowerMobia Mobile TV app for Android and Windows Mobile”

  1. krag says:

    Wow! This is simply awesome. I was just hoping for a hulu-type web streaming tv app. This is turning your handheld into a tiny STB!

    So glad to have gone Android 🙂

    p.s. FIRST!!

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