Samsung Omnia 2: Verizon changes cubic d-pad for shield type

One would presume that Verizon’s Windows Mobile Samsung Omnia 2 smartphone would look much like any other Samsung Omnia 2 in the worlds, but apparently according to engadget mobile, Verizon just can’t leave things alone.

As a result of some Verizon tinkering the Samsung Omnia 2 shown on the Samsung USA website looks a tad different with the most noticeable change being the loss of the Samsung Omnia 2’s distinctive cubic d-pad.

The cubic d-pad has now been replaced by a shield style design much like that found on the B900 in South Korea, other than that they mention a nice 1500mAh battery which should be good for those that spend a lifetime on YouTube.


7 thoughts on “Samsung Omnia 2: Verizon changes cubic d-pad for shield type”

  1. Will says:

    Okay, my bad. I see your engadget mobile reference. Here\’s the link for that: http://www.engadgetmobile.com/page/2/ But I still don\’t see where they are referencing to on Samsung USA\’s site. Also…my understanding is that this is not a \”d-pad\” but a silly button that takes you to the silly \”cube\” screen on the phone. Unless this has changed…cause a d-pad (touch pad) would be much cooler.

  2. Mike G says:

    I am happy with the current OMNIA, except for the phone’s ability to utilize weak signals. My LG VX5400 can make calls where my OMNIA can not.
    I sure hope that the OMNIA 2 works better.

  3. Mattchu says:

    Verizon…. YOU SUCK. I’m not waiting for this phone any longer and tomorrow I’m signing with big #2. I hope you drown and sink to the bottom #1.

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