New iPhone 3GS cases from Boomwave and iPhone CAZE

iPhone CAZE and Boomwave have both launched new protective cases for the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS; with iPhone CAZE launching the Argyle Love and Boomwave launching the KLIPS Series, according to an article on ipodnn.

The new iPhone CAZE Argyle Love case offers the iPhone a hard titanium plated casing with bright reflective finish with access to controls and features and the iPhone can be charged with in the Argyle Love case. The Argyle Love case for iPhone is available in Silver and Silver Black with the cases being limited to only 250 and will cost $35.

The Boomwave KLIPS series for iPhone are polycarbonate hard cases with glossy finish with a screen protector and styles ranging from Tribe White to Skull Black and Flos Black, Flos White, BloodBone Black and Vector Black and carry a price tag of $18.


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  1. Lisa says:

    I ordered and received the Zebra Love Case and I LOOOOOVE it. They did a good job packaging it up despite a couple of crystals that came off…they did package some extras in, so nothing a bit of super glue can't fix. 🙂

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