Discounted unlocked 32GB iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97

Apparently, according to an article over on mobile whack, Jasondeborah International Trading has announced a special deal for the Apple 32GB iPhone 3GS, and the Nokia N97 flagship handset.

Apparently they are offering the 32GB iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97 smartphone as a greatly discounted price, so I took a look at their website and it states that the handsets are genuine, unlocked and compatible with the Australian network.

They are brand new handset and come boxed compete with accessories along with a 1 year warranty, the only problem I found was they don’t actually tell you what the discounted price is unless you email them.


One thought on “Discounted unlocked 32GB iPhone 3GS and Nokia N97”

  1. Reluctant says:

    So, the only problem you found was they only tell you the price via email? Is that the only problem you have personally experienced with this site?

    You mean you’ve actually managed to get your hands on a device via this company and method?

    This all look very very dodgy to me, and unless you can vouch for the authenticity of this site, you shouldn’t be promoting it either.

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