HTC Imagio hits Verizon Wireless on 6th of October

Verizon Wireless has now announced they are to release the HTC Imagio handset via online as of the 6th of October reports an article over on the BGR.

The Verizon branded HTC Imagio, also known by its codename Whitestone, will pack Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, a 3.6 WVGA resistive touch screen, WiFi, EV-DO Rev. A, quad-band EDGE and UMTS/HSDPA 2100Mhz, 5 megapixel camera with auto-flash and TouchFLO 3D.

With the HTC Imagio, Verizon will put in MediaFLO support at an extra charge of $15 a month, and the HTC Imagio on Verizon Wireless will command a price tag of $199.99 based on a two year agreement and after a mail in rebate.

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