Crammed full of Joy the Motorola Cliq

We can all remember I’m sure just how amazing the original G1’s box was, with all the colourful squares and the laser cut G1 across the top.

Of course you remember it, a true packaging classic, but guess what? T-Mobile have just raised their bar again with the materials on the MyTouch 3G. Yes it did come with a rather nifty hard shelled nylon carrying case as well. Question is, is it possible to top that?

We doubt it, it doesn’t even really look like they are trying with the CLIQ, it looks like it will arrive in a cardboard box, with some exciting graphics just to test MOTOBLUR’s social abilities. We would imagine the box may last some 30 or so seconds just long enough for you to rip it apart and get on with the contents. Source – engadgetmobile.com

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