Verizon and Google Conference Call Today

Verizon is rumoured to be gearing up to launch their first Android platform mobile phone, and now according to an article over on engadget mobile, Verizon Wireless has scheduled a conference call with Google for this morning.

The Verizon Google conference call is scheduled for 7AM Pacific time, 10AM Eastern time, and may not even be anything to do with the Android platform, and furthermore Motorola hasn’t been listed as a participant considering the Motorola Droid is reportedly to be the first Verizon Android handset.

However, apparently Verizon big wig Lowell McAdam and Eric Schmidt will be there, so one could well expect something big to happen; more as and when we know.


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  1. Verizon may be the largest wireless company in the U.S., but it doesn’t have a killer phone. That may be one of the reasons it decided to join forces with Google to create some brand new additions for the Android armada.

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