What will Dell and AT&T Wireless Android Phone look like?

The latest news has it that Dell and AT&T is to launch a brand new mobile smartphone running Google’s Android next year which is great news, what will Dell and AT&T Wireless Android Phone look like?

AT&T are the exclusive carriers of the Apple iPhone which exclusivity runs out June 10/2010, does this mean that AT&T will have another exclusive on their hands with the new Dell smartphone. According to Cnet back in August Dell showed off in China something called “proof of concept” device which had no physical keypad but did have a touchscreen, which did match the AT&T mobile phone as described in the report, but now it seems that expected phone would be somewhat different according to the report.

Dell are not mobile phone makers and we know that because they surround themselves around computer technology like notebooks, how good will Dell be in the smartphone market is something we will have to wait and see.