BlackBerry Storm 9550 with BES 5.0 benefits for Verizon

Well now, if you still have any doubts that Verizon Wireless is almost ready to release the BlackBerry Storm 9550, further proof is established with a BES 5.0 flyer from the guys over at the BGR.

The flyer is aimed at the corporate sector and announces just how good the BlackBerry Storm 9550 is when it runs on BES 5.0.

Such gear as wireless contact sync, document editing with DocumentsToGo, calendar appointment forwarding, advanced folder management, remote file sharing with the Files app, and follow-up flags, you know all the corporate gear one could possible want.


One thought on “BlackBerry Storm 9550 with BES 5.0 benefits for Verizon”

  1. Zae says:

    I believe the release date to be next Thursday, the 15th!
    I spoke to a Vodafone Rep as my contract expired last week, telling him that I was thinking of leaving VF so I could get an Iphone and that I may stay for the BBS2 but it seemed to be taking ages for any release info, so I couldn’t be bothered to wait any longer and would probably just go for the Iphone on another network. He told me to hold off till next Thursday for the BBS2 and he would be back in touch with me to arrange shipping!! woohoo!!