HTC Hero can be ordered via Sprint Telesales right now

If you are eager to grab hold of a Sprint branded HTC Hero, then apparently the Android packing HTC Hero can now be ordered right away from Sprint telesales reports engadget mobile.

Apparently several members of Sprint Users have already successfully managed to order the HTC Hero and is heading their way.

Furthermore, one Sprint User member posted that their $30 SERO plan will still be active with the new HTC Hero and they will not need to change their plan. Of course if you happen to go this route to gain the Sprint HTC Hero feel free to drop us a line letting us know how you got along.


4 thoughts on “HTC Hero can be ordered via Sprint Telesales right now”

  1. GoofyGirl says:

    I just got off the phone with TeleSales and the Hero is NOT going to be $429.99 but $479.99!! What a let down!!

  2. chalan30 says:

    10/9/09 I just called Sprint telesales and they told me that they couldnt do anything until the 11th.

  3. Joey G says:

    I just called and asked about keeping my current $30 SERO Fair and Flexible Plan with the HTC Hero. I was initially told I could do it and then the customer service agent checked with his supervisor and said I couldn’t get the phone with the SERO plan.