Poll: Would you buy BlackBerry Storm 2 or Bold 2?

With the release of the new BlackBerry smartphone baby, the BlackBerry Storm 2 from Research In Motion imminent, and the coming of the BlackBerry Bold 2 smartphone we have been wondering just which of these two BlackBerry handsets would do the best sales.

The BlackBerry Bold 2 can reply on the good reputation of the original BlackBerry Bold, however, with the BlackBerry Storm 2 that reputation may be somewhat tainted by the original BlackBerry Storm and all the problems it saw at launch.

So would the problems seen with the original BlackBerry Storm sway you to go for the BlackBerry Bold 2 instead, or will you opt for the BlackBerry Storm 2 on release? Let us know by voting in our Storm 2 or Bold 2 poll below.

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