Apple stops newly shipped iPhone 3GS Jailbreaking

Apparently if you are purchasing a new iPhone 3GS it will come with a new bootrom which blocks the 24kpwn exploit according to a report by iClarified states the iphone blog.

Last week shipping began of iPhone’s with iBoot-359.3.2 bootrom and are currently being sold in AT&T and Apple stores, which means if you get one of these handsets you won’t be able to jailbreak it until a jailbreak solution is found.

Anyone wanting to jailbreak an iPhone you’ll need to locate a refurbished iPhone 3GS or locate older stock, but no doubt someone will break this block before too long.


3 thoughts on “Apple stops newly shipped iPhone 3GS Jailbreaking”

  1. Basyarah says:

    Apple must realise that it really doesn’t matter what they do, the phone will get jail broken… but if they want to keep wasting time and money blocking it, so be it.

  2. apple prod lover says:

    apple products rock but rock even more when jailbroke steve jobs has a jailbroke device this is a true fact we pay good money for apple prods jailbreaking is why so many peple buy them well thats why i purchashed apple prod just let people do what they like with apple prods stop wasting time and effort to stop us jailbreaking nice try apple with the useless 3.13 update that wipes your devs partion and gives you no new stuff geohotz and a few others all ready have the unteatherd waiting ha ha love the cats and mouse game with apple