T-Mobile Sidekick Future Development Does Not Look Good

Word has it that the T-Mobile Sidekick is virtually dead as far as any future development is concerned after last week’s service outage, although Microsoft hasn’t confirmed it states an article over on crn.

A spokesperson from Microsoft originally referred any questions over to T-Mobile, however when pushed for answers the Microsoft spokesperson replied via email which stated…”We cannot comment on any details regarding the future Sidekick roadmap at this time; however, you can be assured that Microsoft will continue to deliver premium mobile experiences for consumers.”

When asked the same question, a T-Mobile representative responded again via email with…”T-Mobile makes it a practice to not discuss products and services before they’ve been announced, so we don’t have any info to share at this time.”

Microsoft’s Danger sub is responsible for the outage but T-Mobile are being dragged into the criticism which doesn’t bode well for any future sales of the Sidekick.