Video and News: Nokia N97 firmware v20 update due this week

Apparently the Nokia N97 firmware update version 20 should begin rolling out this week and will be preloaded on the Nokia N97 Mini from its launch reports Nok Nok.

Thus as the Nokia Flagship store in London has announced the Nokia N97 Mini will go on sale as of the 23rd of October it makes sense that Nokia will roll out the Nokia N97 firmware v20 round about the same time if not before.

Nokia N97 firmware update v20 will deliver several new updates from an even easier to use interface to preloaded applications like Vlingo. We have a video of the Nokia N97 firmware v20 for your viewing pleasure below…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Video and News: Nokia N97 firmware v20 update due this week”

  1. John says:

    Wrong once again… You are not having a good year are you. You either piggy back a story that broke two weeks ago or draw conclusions from other stories without actual facts to back them up. Are you even remotely interested in quality or are you just seeing how many hits you can get with titles that promise content and then regurgatate last weeks news.