Jailbreaking Killed on iPhone by Apple Bootrom

The cat and mouse jailbreaking game continues between jailbreakers and Apple, the iPhone Dev Team and such release unlock solutions for the iPhone while Apple attempts to stop them, and mostly the Jailbreakers are successful.

But Apple does on occasion win the day, as dailytech reports Apple has gained the upper hand due to a release of a new bootrom called iBoot-359.3.2 which ships on new iPhone 3GS handsets and closes exploits.

Apparently a user called “Mathieulh” originally noticed the bootrom and snapped a screenshot and then it was confirmed by the iPhone Dev Team’s Muscle Nerd that the loss of the 24kpwn exploit will render the iPhone unjailbreakable for now and also means the unlock utility pushed out by George Hotz apparently will not work either.