UK Smartphone Battle Begins

For some considerable time the Apple iPhone has held the crown in the UK smartphone arena, but now the iPhone has two new smartphones to contend with, so will it retain its iconic king of smartphones crown?

Today we see the launch of the webOS toting Palm Pre smartphone on the O2 network, the Palm Pre has already been dubbed the ‘iPhone killer’” yet somehow I don’t think the Palm Pre is up to the fight.

Now another smartphone enters the battle arena, the new BlackBerry Storm 2 on Vodafone, which reviewers claim has an improved SurePress screen that makes the BlackBerry Storm 2 far better than the original Storm, and hopes to shrug off the bad rep the original delivered.

So, the battleground is set, two new adversaries stand poised to confront the iPhone’s title and make a grab for the crown.

Do you think either can take it?

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