2 new Wireless Charging Solutions becoming available

Two new wireless charging solutions have now come to light thanks to the guys over at intomobile, the POWERMAT and the Gear4 POWERPAD.

Apparently a post on techdigest.tv, a couple of days ago claims that the Gear4 POWRPAD is the world’s first dedicated wireless charger for the Apple iPhone. Then they spotted several poster ads for the POWERMAT at Heathrow Airport

2 new Wireless Charging Solutions becoming available

However, both of these wireless charging solutions work is the same way via a mat and jacket for the iPhone and uses inductive loop charging to deliver the charge wirelessly. So there it is, 2 new wireless charging solutions, the POWERMAT is up for pre-order at £69.99 while the Gear4 POWERPAD arrives in December.


One thought on “2 new Wireless Charging Solutions becoming available”

  1. NJT says:

    Can’t see this catching one. Its far quicker and simpler to plug the charging cable into the bottom of the iphone before going to bed than spending the extra time on wrapping the iphone in a special jacket every night. Once the wireless charging becomes native to the iphone, then they are definitely on to something, otherwise personally I don’t yet see the point.