T-Mobile Project Dark pricing revealed

Now if you are a company that wants to keep a secret project under total wraps, said company shouldn’t send out possible material which could well unwrap said secret project.

Well seems this has happened with T-Mobile and their Project Dark as apparently T-Mobile sent some promotional ware to a retailer which was marked “Don’t Open Until 10/25.” Suffice to say it’s turned up on the net waves courtesy of the BGR, and gives us all the pricing of Project Dark.

So here it is…Individual plan without contract: 500 minutes $30, with unlimited text $40, add unlimited web $60 – – 1000 minutes $40, plus unlimited text $50, add unlimited web $70 – – unlimited talk $50, plus unlimited text $60 add unlimited web $80.

Family plan with 2 lines on 2 year contract…750 $60 + unlimited text $80 + unlimited web $140, 1500 $80 + unlimited text $100 + unlimited web $160, unlimited minutes $100 + unlimited text $120 + unlimited web $180.


One thought on “T-Mobile Project Dark pricing revealed”

  1. IanH says:

    Truly uninspiring pricing from T-Mo. I’m not really surprised. Seems the big 4 carriers have not quite learned their lesson yet. The prepaid providers are still giving better deals to their customers. And how!
    I’m on Straight Talk unlimited prepaid and pay only $45 for unlimited everything as opposed to T-Mo’s $79 offer. And ST runs on the Verizon network so you get true nationwide quality coverage for your bucks.