Android spreads while Windows Mobile dwindles

For quite some time in the past Windows Mobile dominated the mobile phone arena, and then along came the iPhone and took hold of the crown, dominating the mobile world and Windows Mobile has fallen behind according to an article on nytimes.

Now, Windows Mobile faces even stiffer competition along with the iPhone as more and more mobile phone manufacturers adopt Google’s Android operating system. Traditional Windows Mobile users such as Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG are all pushing out Android based handsets.

Motorola has said goodbye to Windows Mobile in favour of Android, HTC is expected to push out a dozen Android handsets this year and even Dell chose Android for its mobile phone debut. All four major US wireless carriers have agreed to carry Android handsets, even iPhone supplier AT&T has said they will join Android next year.

So has Windows Mobile had its day, and can Android eventually snap the crown from the iPhone? Drop us a comment with your views below.


2 thoughts on “Android spreads while Windows Mobile dwindles”

  1. Jenko says:

    There’s a reason why Windows Mobile phones are unpopular. It’s the terrible interface. Once you’re past the front screen, and delve into operating system functions, you find that it’s too difficult to use multi-touch, and instead you need to use a stylus pen for accurate input. The vast majority of WinMo phones don’t have a multi-touch screen anyway, but most do come with a stylus pen.

    It’s just not a user-friendly device. There are only about 300 applications in the app store, compared with 10,000 for Google’s Android phones, and 85,000 for Apple’s iPhone.

    I’m also afraid that Windows Mobile will lose more market share (it’s only got about 9% now), so I worry it may not be around in a year or two.

  2. toto says:

    Yes of course Android will eventually dominate, in my openion, android is sooo much better that iphone os in many ways.
    first: its open source, and developers love that
    second: it has a lot more potential for being open source and having so much more features than the iphone
    no propriatery like iphone
    if you have an android phone, you can root it and push it to the next level, like use it to tether wirelessly to almost any device

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