Contract free plans unveiled by T-Mobile

Yesterday T-Mobile unveiled their new aggressive pricing plans, T-Mobile Even More plans and Even More Plus plans. The Even More plans have hardware and a 2 year contract while the Even More Plus plans come without hardware subsidy and no contract reports Cnet.

The T-Mobile Even More Plus plans would probably be good for those who already have a mobile phone that will work on the T-mobile network, and has a top plan of $79 per month for which you’ll receive unlimited voice, texts and internet.

There is also an opportunity to purchase a new mobile handset on the Even More Plus plan by spreading the cost over 4 to 20 instalments which would be added to their bill.

Or if you opt for the T-Mobile unlimited Even More plan at $59 per month whereby you can add unlimited data and text for $40 per month on a 2 year contract and an upfront payment of $129 for a handset.


One thought on “Contract free plans unveiled by T-Mobile”

  1. IanH says:

    Hardly exciting news here. They hyped up the mysterious ‘Project Dark’ so much and now it turns out the plans are not all that great. I mean, I already use a plan that is better in every respect. Straight Talk costs only $45 for true nationwide, unlimited everything on Verizon’s quality network. So this T-Mo offer is not even tempting.

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