Android App Development Fuelled by Droid?

Apparently according to figures via analytics company Flurry, the Android Market should get ready for an influx of Android applications which is in part due to the recent partnership between T-Mobile and Motorola and the immanent release of the Verizon Droid reports mobile-ent.

Word is Flurry figures show an “unprecedented” 94 percent increase in Android application development between September and October.

President and CEO of Flurry, Simon Kahlaf says “iPhone is no longer the only game in town. Developers who used to develop only for the iPhone are now adding Android apps to their line-up in record numbers.”

So, does this mean that the Android Market will fast catch up with the iPhone’s App Store?


2 thoughts on “Android App Development Fuelled by Droid?”

  1. peetee says:

    @Carson – where did you get the idea that the Droid Apps – should catch up? –> Who needs to “catch-up” if google is on your side, do you know what I mean?

    as for this post, According to Cnet it was a little bit slow nonetheless a good start of droid, other “critiques” says otherwise. But I say, “Hell yeah! droid conquered US for a couple of hours today”. We just hope that their ROI is profitable compare to the hunderds of thousand worth of ads they spend during the promotion period and err.. did I say, their impending “lawsuit” with AT&T too?

    Collation of info about droid release today: http://bit.ly/did-droid-conquered-USA-today

    Hope Droid will serve as a hand of midas to Verizon Corp. Soweet