BlackBerry Bold 2/9700 gains Hands-on Review

The BlackBerry Bold 2 also known as the BlackBerry 9700 has now been given a hands-on review by labs.v3.co.uk, and their first impression was the BlackBerry Bold 2 seems somewhat smaller than the original Blackberry Bold and feels like one of the older BlackBerry Curve handsets.

They say the BlackBerry Bold 2 is less heavy at 122 grams, while the other noticeable difference is with the touchpad which makes it easier for scrolling through messages and faster that the trackball.

The BlackBerry Bold 2 sports a similar keyboard to the original Bold with oddly sculptured keys which some find difficult to use; for the full hands-on hit up the link.


One thought on “BlackBerry Bold 2/9700 gains Hands-on Review”

  1. 9700 is a great unlocked blackberry. way better than the first one, smaller, faster, more practical. excited to see when the next one comes out. very happy with this, great for my business too. got one at gsmauthority.com and we couldn't be happier. 2 thumbs up

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