Droid Eris gets pictured again with Details

The Big Red’s version of the HTC Hero, the Verizon Droid Eris has now been pictured, and will run the HTC Sense user interface reports the guys over at android central.

There are several pictures available which have been posted to their website and even one of the HTC Droid Eris packaging which as expected confirms the Droid Eris name along with Verizon as the carrier.

Nothing really new here other than said pictures, and as we are already aware the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon will command a price tag of $99.


One thought on “Droid Eris gets pictured again with Details”

  1. Dave Lilley says:

    I got to play with Droid and Droid Eris at a Verizon store. The Droid is a hefty, solid device with a simple, uncluttered interface. The Eris, which sports 7 home screens, has a much brighter and more colorful, but smaller display. It is obviously lacking some of the cool new features of Android 2, but overall it was a very impressive device – and when (if) it gets Android 2.0, it will be that much more so.