Work email on Droid will cost $15 Extra.

The be all and end all Motorola Droid on Verizon Wireless may not be that inviting, for those who wish to use the smartphones built in Microsoft Exchange Active Sync support for corporate email from Exchange servers will have to fork over an extra $15 a month for the use reports an article over on infoworld.

Apparently this has been confirmed by Verizon and they offer 3 data plans which are $30 per month on top of voice plans for non Exchange usage, $45 a month on top of voice plans for non Exchange usage and $50 a month total cost for a data only plan regardless of if you access Exchange.

Brenda Raney, spokesperson for Verizon said that the requirement to get the $45 “smartphone plan” for corporate email usage applies to any smartphone not just the Droid and that Droid is primarily a consumer phone.