Does Droid Win over iPhone?

The speculation of the Verizon Motorola Droid being the elusive “iPhone killer” is flawed as the Droid may well be a serious iPhone competitor but no iPhone killer.

An article over on business.theatlantic looks at the NYT’s David Pogue’s report whereby he says Verizon delivers better cell service, it offers keyboard typing and glass typing and the software is free and customisable while Droid multitasking pays off in 2 situations, you can listen to internet radio whilst working in other applications.

Pogue goes on to report that the Droid wins on phone network, GPS navigation, physical keyboard, removable battery, openness and customisability. Whereas the iPhone wins on thinness, design, refinement, web browsing, music/video sync, simplicity, quality and quantity of its applications store and accessory ecosystem.