Motorola Droid Disappointing so Purchase Apple says Cramer

Apparently despite all the hype over the Motorola Droid, consumers appear to shrug with disappointment at the new Android smartphone from Motorola says Cramer of Stop Trading reports CNBC.

Cramer says the Motorola Droid is “clunky” and also says Motorola’s okay but you cam right back with an Apple as stock is “ready to roll.”

The release of the iPhone in China was disappointing and has slowed Apple but Cramer believes Apple stock is about to push higher, and likened Apple to Google which also paused after an earnings report and reiterated his 2010 price target of $300 for Apple.


One thought on “Motorola Droid Disappointing so Purchase Apple says Cramer”

  1. Jeff Stewart says:

    There is nothing to do but laugh at this screed.
    Give at least SOME kind of citation for the assertion that consumers “shrug with disappointment” at the Droid.

    Having used both devices, I can assure you, the Droid makes the iPhone look like what it is: a fanboi toy.