HTC HD2 Gets Dissected and Pictured

The HTC HD2 smartphone, most have seen pictures of the new handset and there are some videos floating the net waves so you can get to know the HTC HD2 smartphone, but there’s nothing more that lets you know what a handset is all about more than a dissection.

And that is exactly what the guys over at xda-developers have done, they have what some would say brutally although carefully dissected the HTC HD2 and put on display all its internals for your viewing pleasure.

Obviously one user wanted to go beyond the external beauty and pock around inside to see what the HTC HD2 is made of and thus set about completely stripping down the handset and taking several shots of it along the way.

In all they have 19 photos of the teardown of the HTC HD2 smartphone just so we can all get a good look at what it’s made of and the chance to have a closer look at the Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon processor of course.