Samsung bada to compete against Android and Symbian

As we know, Samsung has announced they are to swap out Symbian for their own mobile phone operating system called bada, and Samsung have said bada will feature a strong user interface, will be developer friendly and allow mobile operators to offer varying content and services reports information week.

Apparently Samsung has also said they encourage integrating common experiences and functions across apps, this basically mean such things as address book, messaging and dialler will be open to the developer while Samsung users will be able to download bada OS application from the Samsung bada app store over the air.

In a statement, Hosoo Lee, Exec VP of Samsung said that by opening Samsung’s mobile platforms we will be able to deliver rich mobile experiences on an increasing amount of accessible smartphones.

The Samsung bada SDK is to be released sometime in December with mobile phones carrying the new operating system expected to come sometime in 2010 although no firm date was given. With the bada operating system, Samsung in stepping into new territory, a territory which is currently dominated by such OS rivals as Android, Apple, RIM, Microsoft and Symbian.

As bada will be open it means Samsung is likely to compete against both Symbian and Android; however it appears that initially bada will only be on Samsung handsets, but could possibly move to other makes of mobile phones at some stage although nothing has been intimated along those lines.


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