AT&T Bites Back on Verizon 3G Ads

Big Blue AT&T are naturally quite annoyed at Big Red Verizon taking a smack at them over their 3G network and the iPhone, as mostly everyone knows AT&T are so annoyed they are taking Verizon to court in a lawsuit with a view to putting a halt to Verizon’s advertising campaign.

Whilst AT&T and Verizon trade shot for shot in the networks battle, according to an article on the Boy Genius Report, AT&T as now posted a public response to the Verizon advert on their own website which shows some AT&T network facts.

The basic facts go like this…AT&T data coverage reaches some 303 million people which is about 97 percent of the US populace and consists of three differing types of tech; first there’s 3G of which 75 percent, or 233 million people are covered by the AT&T 3G network and is the nations fastest.

AT&T EDGE covers 96 percent of the US populace or 301 million people, and with both 3G and EFDGE customers can access the net, email, stream music, download video, text, talk send photos and the only difference with some data apps is 3G is faster than EDGE.

AT&T GPRS covers some 303 million of the US populace enabling them to access websites optimised for wireless, talk, text and email. Finally AT&T also mentions that Verizon’s smartphone portfolio is no where near as popular as AT&T’s line-up, so that would basically mean the iPhone, but I can see AT&T’s point, what about you?


6 thoughts on “AT&T Bites Back on Verizon 3G Ads”

  1. Andrew says:

    Yes, I can personally say that I’m quite annoyed with Verizon. I work for att as a sales consultant and it’s been effortless debunking Verizon’s bogus claims. It’s funny that Verizon acts like such a champion for having service “everywhere” whilst att has “no service.”

    Att’s 3G Speed is supported by HSPDA (“3.5G”) and is at least twice as fast as Verizon’s fastest 3G network. Not to mention that our EDGE network gets the job done as well. 301 million people or more than 96 percent of the population are covered by EDGE.

    Att has the best coverage, worldwide. So while Verizon is giddy about their claims to cover “most of america,” I am going to sit back and laugh at Verizon as Att covers not only 97% of the united states via data where they live and work but also over 220 countries via data and voice. Att was awarded “Best mobile phone coverage in the world” by World Traveler magazing in 2009.

    While Verizon is happy with their progress in reference to the almost 300 million people in the United States, Att is happy serving not only the United States but also billions of people around the world everyday with the best coverage, worldwide. 🙂

  2. BubbaG says:

    The lawsuit will be thrown out. Verizon is showing a map of coverage, not specific numbers that At&t is.

    At&t 3G is does have LESS coverage then Verizon. I guess the truth hurts.

  3. scottk says:

    I too work for at&t as an outside field tech. the problem here is that verizons ads dont mention anything about data coverage or speed verizons ads center on the 3G coverage. i use the wireless network everyday with a company provided laptop and in the metropolitan area that i work 3G coverage is spotty not data coverage but 3G coverage the laptop will connect to the network with gprs or edge but rearly connects to a 3G signal the reason for this in my opinion is that when cingular bought ATT wireless they shut down most of the cell towers and the ones that stayed the equipment was replaced with low grade electronics so yes att mobility my have the fastest network but fast does us no good if it dont reach the consumer which is why the judge in gorega through out atts request to stop the verizon ads from airing and one final note for att to asume that the general public is sooo stupid that we think the 3G coverage map means no cellular service poeriod is a slap in the face of the consumer

  4. starflyer says:

    Verizon’s 3G = AT&T’s EDGE. Come back when Verizon can do voice and data simultaneously.

  5. Rick Hendren says:

    The official population of the United States is 304 million people. Does AT&T count illegal immigrants, people incarcerated in prisons, or children/toddlers? Just a question…

  6. Mary says:

    I had been a faithful customer to verizon for years, but recently I switched over to AT&T so I could get my iPhone 3gs. Honestly. I miss verizon so much. Not only is the service a billion times better, the verizon guys are nicer, and treat their customers much better. As for AT&T. I live 15 mins out of D.c and my service constantly differs from egde to 3g. It’s signal is sooo weak!

    Good news for people. iPhones going to verizon. Hate to say it… But… AT&T is going to lose 75% of it’s customers. Lol I know they’ll lose me