Nokia N900 gains in-depth review with videos

Nokia’s latest and greatest, the Nokia N900 has now begun shipping and the guys over at the Nokia blog have had in their possession for some time a pre-production Nokia N900 and have given the handset a full on review after updating to production firmware 1.2009.42-11.

The reviewer says he likes the Nokia N900 but Nokia still has a lot to do. The Nokia N900 is shorter, heavier and slightly thicker than the Nokia N97 but is still pocketable with a build quality that “is fine,” although seems plasticy and its sliding mech clicks into place with a reassuring sound.

The Nokia N900 has an ARM Cortex A8 microprocessor with 1GB and is the same CPU as the iPhone 3GS and delivers fast scrolling opening and switching of multiple apps. There’s also 32GB internal storage along with a microSD expansion slot.

The touch screen is 3.5 inches and responsive and reacts quickly to the touch while menu and apps open almost immediately, however the Nokia N900 does lack multi-touch gestures. The QWERTY keyboard is only 3 rows and a space bar so takes some getting used too. As for the Nokia N900 5 megapixel camera, it snaps images at 3.5 megapixels by default but can be changed to 5 megapixel but lacks all the camera options found in previous Nseries handsets.

In closing, the Nokia N900 isn’t a perfect handset, but does have good web browsing, fast multitasking and a sharp screen, but if apps and music is your bag then maybe you should consider another handset. We have several videos of the Nokia N900 for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below…enjoy.