ATT.net (AT&T) site is down: We found this via iPhone!

Whilst search on out Apple iPhone we came across something really interesting indeed, we went to ATT.net which is AT&T’s portal online website to see if there was any press releases or any new information to do with mobile technology and found that their site is down.

The portal website is down and you will get the ‘The connection has timed out’ or ‘cannot find server’ error command which is not good at all, customers will be experiencing this problem and no doubt really annoying many of you.

Is the site down for maintenance or is the site getting an immense volume of traffic, please let us know if you can get onto the ATT.net and what you may think the problem could be. We have checked on the Apple iPhone and obviously from a PC so it is an error their end.

We will let you know when the site is back online, just so you know att.net was formerly AT&T Worldnet and is a web portal and Internet service provider from AT&T.


One thought on “ATT.net (AT&T) site is down: We found this via iPhone!”

  1. shawnn says:

    I was in for a second, then I clicked on something and i lost it…..now i cant get back in.