Verizon Hub Phone Discontinued: Send in your reviews

The Verizon Hub doesn’t appear to have last all that long as the Verizon Hub started shipping in February this year, and for some reason Verizon has now decided to discontinue the Hub reports the guys over at zatz not funny.

The Verizon Hub was designed to serve as a household VoIP hub with PIM functionality and as an internet connected widget station and it is presumed the reason for its failure is pricing and marketing as the Verizon Hub was solely available through Verizon Wireless with a cost of $200 on a 2 year contract and $35 per month.

Apparently one customer was quite excided over getting the Verizon Hub only to face disappointment over months of problems, some of which were tech but mostly to do with their account, phone number and billing, so one could assume Verizon staff weren’t fully trained on the Hub.

The word is though, although Verizon has now assigned the Verizon Hub to the garbage bin, and have dropped it from their website, a PR representative has stated that existing customers and their contracts will still be honoured.

So, do you have a Verizon Hub, if so how has your experience been with it? We’d like to hear what you have to say about the Verizon Hub, so send us in your reviews.


4 thoughts on “Verizon Hub Phone Discontinued: Send in your reviews”

  1. Courtney says:

    I have the Verizon Hub. I absolutely LOVE it! I was so excited when i first saw it on a WB tv show, Gossip Girl and had to have one; i don’t even need a home line (my cell is sufficient enough), but i love technology and this device really caught my eye.

    It would be perfect for families as you can write notes (that look like post-its) to your family members, add calender entries that alerts whomever you want when the appointment day/time arrives, send photos to the hub, create slideshow of your personal digital photos to run when not in use, etc etc etc.
    It had great features like simultaneous ring as well as other useful phone and voicemail features, but the widgets that used internet were fun! The phonebook was amazing, for both businesses and residential listings. Just type in who or what you are looking for and a map appears of where they are located. And if you don’t know what you are specifically looking for, you can search any category of businesses/restaurants in your area or any area and a list comes up. It was like a phone book right at your fingertips, but better cause it displayed a map. The Hub can then send you a text message to your cell with directions/address. The movie trailer widget was cool.
    But my favorite was the weather and calendar icons on the home screen. You can put your appointments or reminders in and when it comes time it will pop up with an alert as well as send you and anyone else you designate a text to your cell to remind you. The current weather/temperature was always on the homescreen and you could expand it to show an extended forecast– you could even enter in multiple locations. You could view recipes on the Hub and have videos of how to make it. And there was internet radio to listen to live radio stations all over the country.
    Everything was great. The only thing i didn’t like, was you could only send messages to other Verizon wireless or Hub customers. If it had the capability to text other cell providers it would have been perfect, that is my only complaint.
    I am very disappointed Verizon discontinued it. I blame the marketing. They didn’t tell ANYONE about it! It launched right before their little computer thing came out, so when that came out they replaced the Hub in the showroom floors with that thing.
    I would buy this type of device from any provider if they come out with it again. Check out OpenPeak.com. Same concept, even more amazing technology! I’m just not sure if it’s available yet.

  2. Michael says:

    I have had the verizon hub phone for about a year and enjoyed everything about it except the phone would drop calls randomly. I complained more times than I can count, and after the third phone replacement I couldn't take it any more. I told them I wanted my old service back and was told I couldn't get my money back for the hub that never worked properly from day one because it had a 30 day warranty. I am looking for 10 other customers that have experienced the same problems that I have had and would like you to email me at mlronca@mfronca.com

  3. Renata says:

    Like Courtney we didn’t need a home phone but are thrilled with technology. We talked to Verizon “representatives” and took our time after listening and reading about the pros and cons of the system. The biggest pro was wireless service and the deciding factor. Well, my grandmother would always say, “If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all!” I do have nice things to say, but they do not outweigh the not so nice things. We have received one phone call in one year on the phone that worked. To date, it is a $700 money pit. I just cancelled the service with a $100 early termination fee and am listing the HUB for sale on Craig’s list. Disappointed to the point that I wanted to cancel my service with Verizon and have everyone in my immediate family do the same. This would cost Verizon 100+ customers at one drop of the dime. Very, very, very unsatisfied, disappointed, angry Verizon HUB customer.

  4. Ken says:

    I'd like to join the ranks un unhappy Hub customers. I recently had my contract canceled after the third hub replacement. It would just lock up after being in "standby" mode for a day or so. Couldn't make calls or receive them. The phone would ring, but couldn't push any buttons to make it answer. Once it was in a locked up state, I had to power cycle it in order to get it to work again. At first, I didn't complain because I had it connecting wirelessly so I just wrote it off as my wireless issue. But after a while, I started calling verizon and they had me hook it up with Ethernet. Well, the problem still existed even after 3 replacements. Now I'm stuck with a device that has absolutely no alternative use (that I know of). At least Verizon didn't charge me an early termination fee, but I didn't have a good experience with the thing from the first day we turned it on.

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