Brew Based HTC Phones Coming to Sprint and Verizon in 2010

Way back in April rumours had it that Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC would possibly put out a feature phone in the fourth quarter of 2009 that was a Brew based handset, and apparently according to unwired view some new info is hitting the net waves of said handset.

Apparently there will be no dumbphone from HTC this year, but the word is HTC will push out several in 2010 with as rumour has it, Sprint and Verizon offering some of said handsets in the United States.

Apparently the reason for the delay is Qualcomm Brew’s “relatively immature application service platform offering for telecom carriers.” Qualcomm is at the moment working with several software devs with a view to launching dedicated Brew applications related to GPS, mobile community services and web browsing.

So there you have it we should see HTC Brew based mobile phones sometime in 2010, but the thing is will thses mobile phones actually be worth waiting for?