Mozilla Firefox Mobile drops beta tag and gets full release in December

The full release of Firefox mobile is to be released in December 2010 which means at last it drops the beta tag, Symbian and Android future support has been confirmed which is great news; the first non-beta release in December is what everyone has been waiting for.

Firefox mobile for Nokia Maemo tablets and alpha for Windows Mobile is currently available in beta but will drop the beta tag on Nokia’s multitasking OS, Electric Pig did test the Firefox mobile beta on the new Nokia N900 tablet even though it does not make use of Maemo’s swirl gestures for zooming it still ran very smooth indeed and the URL bar was a lot faster than on the desktop Firefox 3.5.

The good thing is it replicates the desktop browser on a phone, Tristan Nitot Mozilla’s European president was asked if Firefox would ever make it to the Apple iPhone and apparently the answer is not at all.

It seems that Firefox will never make it to iPhone’s nor BlackBerry’s which is a complete shame, please let us know what you think of the above news as we would love to know what you think, use the comments area below. Thanks