Nokia N900 Pictured in the box

Apparently when Ben over at intomobile posted a quick review of the Nokia N900 smartphone some readers were apparently upset and the main objection to the post was that they didn’t believe he had a Nokia N900 handset.

Of course not all reviewers are lucky enough to get hold of a new smartphone unit to actually have a play and product a review. However this time it appears that those objection were unfounded because today Ben has posted a picture of the Nokia N900 sitting neatly in its box.

Apparently there were other objections saying that resistive screens do not support multi-touch, and according to Ben after Googling for a few minutes he found that multi-touch on a resistive screen is possible but doesn’t happen to be on the Nokia N900.

Now whether that means he got multi-touch working on the Nokia N900 I don’t know, or maybe it’s just a generalisation. Anyway the Nokia N900 picture was he says taken using an iPhone 3GS, but he’s not an Apple Fanboi. Shame on those commenters for not believing he had a Nokia N900.

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